“What If…” Film Series

The "What If..." Film Series offers free screenings, with moderated discussions, on community change efforts across the country. The Series is run by Art Rage Gallery - the next film is Welcome to Shelbyville on May 25 at the Erie Canal Museum. Learn More »

The “What If…” Film Series offers free screenings, with moderated discussions, on community change efforts across the country. The purpose of the Series is to screen documentary films that address a community or social issue and show how communities are working to bring about positive social change on this issue. Films are selected based upon their resonance with community issues in Syracuse, NY and the surrounding area and the ability to spark ideas on how our community can also change by asking “What if we tried this in Syracuse?”

The series was created in spring 2010 as part of the Gifford Foundation neighborhood engagement strategy. Since that time the “What If…” Film Series has shown 2-3 films each season (fall and spring); each free film is screened twice and followed by moderated discussion. Since the fall of 2010 a committee of residents has been selecting the films, the only proviso being that each film should not simply identify problems or issues, but should also include potential solutions.

In 2012 the Foundation handed off the Series to Art Rage Gallery but continues to provide financial support. An organization committed to social justice issues, Art Rage took over convening the community selection group and established a number of community partners, which enlivened the conversation, helped promote and extend the reach, and built relationships. In 2014 the Series began partnering with local community based organizations to show screenings offsite as well as at the Gallery.

Art Rage Gallery often seeks proposals from community based organizations and agencies who would like to utilize documentaries and the moderated discussions to advocate for their cause and/or community issue. To learn more visit the ArtRage Gallery website or email Kim McCoy at ArtRage Gallery.

Films for 2017:

Before the Flood

Generation Found

Welcome to Shelbyville

What if films 2010-2016



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