Local Consultants


Our belief in building organizational capacity extends to building community capacity, especially when it comes to consultants. A variety of local consultants have provided us with their contact information and skill sets. You may review the qualifications spreadsheet to learn which local consultants have self-identified their expertise in specific areas; their contact information is below.

Please note that placement on this list does not represent an endorsement by the Gifford Foundation, but is offered solely as an additional resource to the community.

Website Consultant Qualification Spreadsheet 8-2018

Area consultants

Jeff Bastable
BL Consulting
Syracuse, NY
(315) 952-2264

Jamie Bazdaric
Jamesville, NY
(315) 884-2857

Sara Wall Bollinger
Fayetteville, NY
(315) 447-7937

Matthew Chadderdon
BlueWater Strategic Communications
Syracuse, NY
(315) 479-8790

Mitchell G. Clark
Syracuse, NY
(315) 299-6385

Ms. Kathleen Doucette*
The Leading Element
Syracuse, NY
(315) 479-8790

Ms. Maria Fibiger*
Three Dog Consulting
Central New York 12078 OR*
Southern VA 24416
(315) 885-6690

Ms. Karin Franklin-King*
Central Square, NY
(315) 676-4424

Ms. Patti Giancola
Fayetteville, NY
(315) 440-3272

Jeff Grimshaw*
PSC Consulting
Oswego, NY
(315) 591-5515

Brian Hoke
Bentley Hoke
Syracuse, NY
(315) 446-2300

Heidi Holtz*
Stillwork Consulting Group
Fayetteville NY
(315) 559-2636

Jane Hurley
Messenger Associates
Liverpool, NY
(315) 420-2067

James Jerose
Liverpool, NY
(315) 457-7360
(315) 447-1177 (c)

Elizabeth Leibrick*
Baldwinsville, NY
(315)-243-1855 (c)
(315) 635-8564

Gary Livent
BL Consulting
Syracuse, NY
(315) 952-2264

Carrie Luber
Messenger Associates
(315) 263-4881

Beth Massiano
(315) 492-8511

Carmella Anne Mazzotta
Albany, NY
(202) 374-3054

Anne Messenger
Messenger Associates
Manlius, NY
(315) 637-8141 x221
Cell: (315) 559-4173

Rosemary Oaks-Lee
Fayetteville, NY

Cynthia O’Connor*
Apter & O’Connor Associates
Manlius, NY

Peggy Ogden
Syracuse, NY
Cell: 315/247-6751
Home: 315/445-1467

Peloton LLC
Manlius, NY

Surale Phillips (IDEAS lead consultant)
Bozeman, MT and Palm Beach Gardens, FL
(561) 328-3039 or

Ms. Nadia J. Prescott*
Emerging Executive
Salem, MA

Vicki B. Quigley, J.D.*
Apter & O’Connor Associates
Syracuse, NY
315- 247-2735

Steve Schack*
Clear Blue Associates
New York, NY

Lisa Sears, MSM*
Syracuse, NY
(315) 440-7061

Nancy H. Smith, MA
Apter & O’Connor Associates
Manlius, NY
(315) 952-1166

Ms. Kim Smolen
Marcellus, NY

Edie Steele
Rochester, NY

Andrea Wandersee*
Wandersee Consulting, Inc.
Syracuse, NY

Ms. Patty Weisse*
Skaneateles, NY

Ms. Connie Whitton
Whitton Consulting Group
Manlius, NY
(315) 682-4229

Ms. Loretta Zolkowski
Chittenango, NY
(315) 569-5423

* consultants affiliated with the Foundation’s ADVANS and/or POWER programs and thus are trained in Nonprofit Lifecycles

ADVANS consultants celebrate with their team members

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