For Grantseekers

In an effort to increase our accessibility and ability to communicate on a more timely basis, we are implementing Foundant, our Online Grants Management system. Among many benefits we think you’ll appreciate is your ability to control organizational contact information; to draft, save and submit online applications; and to upload documents and reports.

For our Community Grantmaking the Foundation only invites proposals after reviewing a letter of inquiry. Prior to submitting a letter of inquiry through Foundant please review our grantmaking focus areas. Our “What if…” mini grants have a different procedure – learn more.

How to Get Started in Foundant

My organization is approaching Gifford for the first time

  1. You will need the following to get started:
    • A username that is an email address*
    • Your contact information
    • Your organization’s information, including the EIN/Tax ID number (required)
    • Contact information for the organization’s Executive Officer
  2. If you are approaching Gifford for the first time please go to Foundant, our online grants-management system to create an account.

My organization has received a grant from Gifford Foundation in the past.

  1. If your organization has previously received funding from Gifford you will likely already have an account set up.  Please contact Megan Wagner-Flynn at 315-474-2489 x 13 to get your account login information

I have been invited to submit a proposal

  1. If you have met with the Foundation and were invited to apply, you will need to go to Foundant, login and find the specific project box you are working on and click “edit application” (on the right hand side of that box) to get started.

I am unsure of my organization’s history with Gifford

  1. If you are not aware of your organization’s history with Gifford please contact Megan Wagner-Flynn by email or 315-474-2489 x 13.

Managing Your Account

How to Apply

  1.  Before you come to us please refer to our grantmaking page to learn more about the different types of grants we give and about our grantmaking process

I have my organization’s login information and would like to submit a letter of inquiry

  1. If you have your organizations login information please go to the site login, and click on “Community Grantmaking Process” to fill out our Letter of Inquiry.
  2. Once your account is set up, your account dashboard is displayed on screen every time you log in. From the dashboard, you can do the following:
    • Edit your contact information
    • Begin the application process
    • Access application drafts and submitted applications
    • View details and complete the report process for grant award

What else can I do in Foundant?

  1. In addition to applying for a grant, you will also be able to:
  • Review your organization’s grant history
  • Fill out and submit progress and final reports
  • Track your grant application process
  • Communicate with Gifford Staff when needed
  • Edit and update your organization’s contact information

Helpful Tips

Which browser is most compatible with Foundant?

  1. For the best user experience when accessing our Online Grants Manager, we suggest using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 14 or higher, Firefox 9 or higher, or Safari 4 or higher. It is fine to use Internet Explorer, but you may encounter some minor technical issues. 


  1. We encourage you to read our FAQ page before beginning the application process.

What types of organizations do we give to?

  1. Our grants must be paid to a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit (including  churches) or to a public entity, such as a town, public school, or state agency. All others will need to use a fiscal sponsor. Contact Megan Wagner-Flynn to discuss. 

Applicant Tutorials

  1. Watch this helpful Creating an Online Account Video Tutorial
  2. Read more about Foundant from this Applicant Tutorial

Reporting Procedure

I  would like to submit my progress or final report

1. If your progress or final report is due to the Foundation you will need to login to Foundant and go to your current grant box.  In the box it will list the requirements and allow you to press “edit”, this is where you will find the questions you need to answer. Once that is complete you will be able to submit it.

2. Learn more about what is expected in the reports at our reporting procedure page.


We’re here to help

Megan Wagner-Flynn Program Officer and Grants Manager Email Me 315-474-2489 x13 If you have your account already, Login here. Try out this Helpful Video Tutorial!

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