Congratulations Gifford Grantees

Every month we congratulate our Gifford grantees, with a brief description of the project and the initiative and/or focus area. Read about our newest community and "What If..." minigrants. Learn More »

2018 Grants

The board awarded several grants at the February board meeting: $10,000 to ARISE for team building and $10,000 to David’s Refuge to strengthen their development program. “What if…” mini grants were awarded to: Art/Music People, $3,365 for the resilience project; Blak Entrepreneurs $5,000 for a CollegeTour; and PGR Foundation, $4,200 for IRock Youth Leadership & Public Speaking Ambassador.

In February the board awarded Baltimore Woods Nature Center $15,000 towards Strategic Planning.

2017 Grants

We closed out the year (October, November and December) with several grants: CNY Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received a grant of $5,000 for board development; The Stand received $5,000 for the Syracuse to South Africa program; the Onondaga Historical Association used a grant of $5,000 for a new point of sale software; the Kallet Civic Center was awarded $10,000 to upgrade their audio/video system; the Oswego Public Library received a grant of $10,000 for an automatic disk retrieval system and RISE: Refugee and Immigrant Self-Empowerment was awarded $15,000 for bridge funding.

At the September board meeting we awarded two community grants and approved six “What if…” minigrants. ACR Health will receive $13,500 for a website redesign, which will be more efficient, provide stronger internal and external communications, and save money. CACDA (Cazenovia Area Community Development Association) has been awarded a grant of $7,000 to help establish a co-working space, which will grow programs and diversify revenue. Minigrants (recommended by a Resident Review Committee) were allocated as follows: The Mustafa Human Initiative Project, $3,750 for a community campaign of positive messages; Zumba for Everyone, $1,860 for free classes; TNT (Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today) Northside, $3,000 for the annual Northside Festival; Washington Square Teen Program, $1,000 for healthy food at programs; the Olivet Community Development Institute, $2,600 for a community event on the Westside; Hassina Adams & the Northside Learning Center, $2,500 for a Northside youth leadership program.

During July we had 5 “What if…” minigrants awarded. The Robert and Marjorie Jones Community Development Organization received $2,400 to build a greenhouse and purchase equipment for the Apostolic Church Food Pantry Garden. The Joined Artists Musicians & Singers (JAMS) will hold their annual cookout with support in the amount of $4,250. A minigrant of $2600 was provided to Marriage Ministry for a retreat. Plays about the refugee and African-American military experience, called “The Orphans of Hercules,” will be presented by Synergy Arts with the help of a $5,000 minigrant. The Syracuse Elks Lodge Youth Foundation will hold their Family Fun Day with the assistance of a $2,500 minigrant. Congratulations to all!

CNY Arts Center received a grant in June of $5,000 to create a video as part of their “Fulton’s Future campaign. The campaign aims to share stories that motivate the community and showcase successes from the local arts scene. Also in June a grant for $7,000 was awarded to the YMCA of the Greater Tri-Valley to support facility software, a new mobile app and improved internet access for members. These capacity building endeavors will build organizational efficiency around inventory and membership communication.

In May a grant of $5,000 to Stone Quarry Hill Art Park was approved by the board. The funds will be used for a consultant to build governance and financial capacity. In addition, five “What If…” mini grants were awarded: Eastwood Heights Tenant Association received $3,400 towards a gazebo project; Ed Smith Rocket Club was awarded $1,000 for 5th, 6th and 7th graders to learn about rocket flight and building rockets; Fight for Hearts received $1,300 towards their summer fitness program; Youth Civic Week Summer Camp was awarded $2,500 for a summer program facilitating a conversation around criminal justice; and the Youth Engineering Initiative received $3,000 for a STEM Hands-On Workshop this summer.

In April the Gifford approved two grants to local organizations. Both grants will allow the organizations to become more efficient and thus grow their ability to serve their constituents. Helping Hounds Dog Rescue will receive $10,000 towards the hiring of a marketing firm and Ophelia’s Place was granted $7500 towards capital improvements of their administrative space.

The Gifford board approved two grants in February. On Point for College received $15,000 toward professional development for staff, which will allow them to maximize efficiencies. A grant of $15,000 was provided to Vera House for their new facility.

2016 Grants

In December we celebrated the end of 2016 with board approval of three community grants and five “What if…” minigrants. A year ago we partnered with a variety of other funders in supporting the Work Train Collaborative, which creates solutions that benefit both businesses and jobseekers alike. We re-upped our commitment with an additional $30,000 grant split over two years. The First Tee Syracuse will be able to purchase computers and STEM software for their new Butternut Creek Facility with the help of a $10,000 grant from the Foundation.  A grant of $5,000 will strengthen community outreach at the Earlville Opera House, enabling them to purchase portable sound equipment.

The “What if…” Resident Review Committee recommended support for marching bands, visioning programs, neighborhood speakers, after school programming and a talent show. The 9 Ether Talent Company produced a talent show and dance competition for the entire CNY community with a grant of $5,000. The Center for Community Design Research received an award of $2,600 for the Visioning Voices Speaker Series, an effort to connect with community members in discussing environmental quality of life issues. A mini grant of $2,500 will enable the Strathmore Speaker Series to purchase speakers, mics, a projector and fundraising materials. The Syracuse Elks Lodge Marching Band will expand through the purchase of more instruments, courtesy of a $5,000 award. Finally with the assistance of a $2,000 mini grant Wacheva Cultural Arts will work with HopePrint’s afterschool programs in creating a Drum Circle.

The Board approved a $10,000 grant to Jubilee Homes at the October meeting. The project involves expansion of the Learning Farm, which provides fresh fruits and vegetables to the Southwest neighborhood of the city and trains youth in maintaining and selling the produce.  The grant will expand program opportunities as well as diversify the initiative’s revenue streams by supporting in part a site for hands-on training and community events.

In mid September the Board approved a $14,000 grant to The Public Broadcasting Council of CNY – WCNY. These funds will go towards installation of a screen and projector in their large television room in order to offer more opportunities for large group meetings and community activities.

In early September the Resident Advisory Committee recommended, and the Foundation approved, two “What If…” mini grants in the City of Syracuse. Light a Candle for Literacy will create opportunities for learning on the Southside with a $2,000 grant towards supplies and snacks for an after-school program. An award of $3,283 will be provided to Syracuse Grows for their Fall Workshop Series and 2017 Summer Community Garden Tour. This city-wide project will create opportunities for the community to learn about urban gardening.

This July the Resident Advisory Committee and Gifford board approved a number of “What If…” mini grants for neighborhood initiatives and activities. Believe in Syracuse received $2,200 towards their Syracuse Neighborhood Olympics, an effort to build community participation. With a grant of $4,000 the Near Eastside Community Garden will be upgraded and fenced so that community members, especially the disabled, might be able to participate more fully. Light of Syracuse will present the 2nd Annual Eastside Community Festival with a grant of $4,200. A grant of $2,900 will be provided to SciExcite Inc. for a Technology Center for youth at one of Hopeprint’s Northside homes. FORCE (Focusing our Resources for Community Enlightenment) will be offering Hands Only CPR parties to neighborhood residents through a grant of $3,890. With the support of a $2,475 grant Second Line Syracuse will provide live music sessions throughout the summer in Skiddy Park. People’s Community Development Inc. will be using their award of $1,000 to feed their summer Leaders and Legacy Academy participants.

Two new grants were awarded at the June board meeting. Atlantic States Legal Foundation will receive $5,500 towards an irrigation system for their Urban Tree Nursery.  A grant of $15,000 was provided to Interfaith Works for further expansion of their City of Syracuse Police Community Dialogue program to improve understanding and strengthen relationships. Both grants were awarded as part of our focus on new or expanded programs that align to community needs.

In May the board affirmed our Resident Advisory Committee’s recommendations on four “What If…” mini grants. Real Fathers Real Men received $1500 for their Peace Camp Weekend Retreat, working with Danforth School students on conflict resolution. $5,000 was awarded to Collective Display for an Art Show on the Southside of Syracuse. Team Rock was granted $5,000 for a “My Government and Me” trip to Washington DC. An end of year carnival will be held at H. W. Smith Elementary thanks to a $5,000 grant to their PTO. Congratulations to all!

On April 20 the board approved a $15,000 grant to Syracuse Stage to help them implement a new database system, Patron Manager, to streamline their ticketing, development, and data storage. We are delighted to help improve efficiency and strengthen revenue systems!

In March the board approved a community grant to Jowonio School, a not-for-profit pre-school serving young children with a wide range of abilities both in school and home-based programs. Their $13,000 award will be used to update and expand their universal design programming with the addition of an Assessment Center and new adaptive technology. The grants falls under our focus area of “Projects that develop new programs or strengthen current programs that align to community needs.”

Four organizations in the City of Syracuse also received “What if…” mini grants in March.  A mini grant of $625 for uniforms was provided to the Northside Karate Program, which provides karate classes in Washington Square Park; the PGR Foundation was awarded $3,800 for a day long workshop entitled “Painting with Friends and Dealing with Unfriendly Friends’ Behaviors;” the Hawley-Green Neighbors will be utilizing a grant of $5,000 to create a neighborhood sign and welcome packets; and Justin Mastrangelo, the Artist in Residence for the Near West Side Initiative, will develop a mobile art cart with a grant totaling $5,000.

In February the Gifford board approved two grants, both under the focus area of organizational efficiency. PEACE, Inc. received a grant of $15,000 to help create the PEACE Leadership Academy for internal training of staff. A grant of $10,000 was awarded to the Building Men Program to support program funding and consultant assistance. Congratulations!

2015 Grants

The Gifford board approved four grants at the December, 2015 meeting. The Children’s Consortium will use a $15,000 grant to support their Nurturing Parenting Program to help new parents navigate challenges. A grant of $25,000 was made to name the Scene Shop at the Redhouse City Center, the new home of the Red House Arts Center. The Syracuse Housing Authority and Upstate Medical University received $10,000 to continue stipends for Resident Health Advocates. Finally, the $15,000 awarded to Spay and Neuter Syracuse will enable them to expand services with the purchase of surgical equipment for large dogs.

Two “What if…” mini grants were awarded in November 2015. The Liberty Christian Worship Center was granted $1,500 to purchase materials for an interior/exterior decorating workshop. A mini-grant of $5,000 was provided to YCEO (Youth Conquering Every Obstacle) to purchase equipment for t-shirt printing. Congratulations!!

Congratulations to the eight (!) organizations who received community or What If… mini grants in October 2015.The YWCA of Syracuse and Onondaga County received $7,000 for emergency repairs at Zonta House; The Downtown branch of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse is focusing on more efficient delivery of programs with a grant of $25,000 to construct an accessibility ramp; Oneida Public Library was awarded a program grant of $20,000 for Makerspace stations in their IDEA Lab; and the H. Lee White Maritime Museum in Oswego received a $11,800 capacity building grant for new equipment to make their collections facility management more efficient. “What If…” mini grants were awarded to the following organizations: the Syracuse Coalition for Respect & Responsibility received $3,500 to support workshops as part of their “Be Careful” Community Awareness Project; M.A.D.E. Transitional Services will use their $5,000 grant to pilot a youth development program at Danforth Middle School; $2,500 was awarded to Young Life Syracuse City for after-school programming; and the Immigrant Refugee Youth Association received $5,000 towards a soccer & academics youth program.

After a summer break, in September 2015 the board of trustees approved two “What if…” mini grants to the Hispanic Community Theatre and the Rahma Health Clinic, and one community grant to Light Work Visual Studies. The Hispanic Community Theatre was awarded $5,000 to support artist-led workshops educating local youth in Hispanic art and culture. The Rahma Health Clinic, Inc. received $2,775 towards a free family neighborhood health fair. A community grant of $10,000 was made to Light Work to help them launch a new online collection of over 4,000 images, thereby expanding their reach and accessibility.

In July 2015 a total of five community grants were announced. A grant of $25,000 was provided to AccessCNY for equipment and furniture to strengthen the revenue diversification potential of Provisions Bakery, which provides skills training to those with mental health issues. The Girl Scouts of NY PENN Pathways received $8,045 for a consultant to facilitate at an upcoming retreat to build board capacity. Hospice of Central New York was awarded $20,000 to build the capacity of their Admissions and Development/Communication Departments by re-designing and renovating their spaces. A grant of $11,000 to Learning Disabilities Association of CNY will offer more efficiency and functionality through a website redesign. The Onondaga Earth Corps was provided $20,000 to build their organizational capacity in a variety of areas from consulting to IT equipment.

Also in July 2015 three “What if…” mini grants were awarded. Joan Hillsman’s Music Network received $2,300 for a community talent search and showcase to build community pride. $3,250 was granted to Project Impact for their Community Outreach Weekend that will build leadership and community engagement. The Mustafa Human Initiative Project, Inc. was awarded $1,500 for a neighborhood dinner and discussion to talk about services and activities at Wilson Park.

June 2015: The Washington Square Community Association received a “What If…” mini grant of $3,800 in support of a Leadership Training Conference for city student-leaders to empower themselves to create positive change in their community. The Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation was awarded $4,500 to help diversity their revenue by developing a business plan for their retail opportunities. A grant of $5,000 was provided to the Franciscan Church of the Assumption to support a consultant for capacity building.

May 2015:The Everson Museum of Art received a $25,000 grant to support a new comprehensive website that will allow for an enhanced opportunity to connect with their visitors, donors, volunteers and the public. This grant was awarded under several focus areas: projects that allow organizations to become more efficient; projects that develop new programs or strengthen current programs that align to the community needs; and projects that diversify revenue streams. The Ska-Nonh Great Law of Peace Center received $10,000 towards the creation of oral history films that will serve as permanent exhibits in the new center. The films will highlight the values, culture and heritage of the Haudenosaunee. Thr focus areas for this grant was: projects that allow organizations to become more efficient and projects that develop new programs or strengthen current programs that align to the community needs.

Also in May La Casita received a grant of $4,550 for celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Firefighters of Color United in Syracuse received a $4,730 “What If…” mini-grant for a community day for youth.

April 2015: Syracuse Northeast Community Center received a grant of $5,000 to work collaboratively to create a community garden. A What If… minigrant of $4,800 was awarded to The Cuse Divas for travel and uniforms to go to a dance competition.

March 2015: Congratulations to Move Along, Inc. and the Onondaga Historical Association for their recent grant awards. Move Along, Inc. will use their $6,000 grant to purchase new equipment so they can expand their Similarity/Inclusive Sports Program that brings inclusive sports into schools for presentations for the students and an opportunity to use the equipment.  Onondaga Historical Association will use the $10,000 award to help pay for their air conditioning system that will allow them to preserve the archives in a more manageable fashion.

Congratulations to the Bhutanese Community in Syracuse, Salt City Found Objects Instrument Works, the Syracuse Chapter of Jack and Jill and the Turkish Cultural Center for receiving What If Mini grants this Spring. The Bhutanese Community in Syracuse will use their grant of $2,500 for three projects in the areas of education, health and cultural development. Salt City Found Objects Instrument Works was awarded $3,500 for a project that gives students an opportunity to use wood working skills to make old pianos into electric guitars. The Syracuse Chapter of Jack and Jill was awarded $5,000 to help them host “Cops and Robbers” a one man show highlighting the relationship be tween law enforcement, the media and the Black community. The Turkish Cultural Center was awarded $3,000 to expand their program to offer SAT classes, leadership classes, and mentoring for junior high students, and to open these programs to all children who live in Syracuse.                

Congratulations to Consensus CNY and L’Arche of Syracuse on receiving grants from the Gifford Foundation in January!  Consensus will use their $25,000 grant to help with their public engagement strategy and L’Arche will use their $10,000 grant to buy new computers and software.  Two great projects to kick off our grantmaking for 2015!

2014 grants and earlier

Congratulations to Sunshine Horses on receiving a grant from the Gifford Foundation! Sunshine will use their award to for consultant support to help build their capacity!  Congratulations also goes out to Eastwood Heights Tenant Association and Aspiring Women of God.  Both organizations received What If Mini Grants from Gifford as well!  Eastwood Heights plans to purchase a new TV and Christmas Tree to promote resident interaction their community room.  Aspiring Women of God will use their funding to help with their STAIRS Program that is designed to assist in fulfilling the
needs of the community no matter what color, creed and religion.

Congratulations to La Liga, Gifford’s Community Grant recipient for the month of November!  La Liga received a grant award of $20,000 for their Youth and Careers program they plan to enhance and expand.

Congratulations to Hillside Children’s Center, Whose Highway Is It Anyway?!, and Ross Towers Tenant Association on receiving grants from the Gifford Foundation!  Hillside will use their $20,000 grant to support for the continuation of Family Finding, which is a research-informed, family search and engagement strategy with the potential to transform the child welfare system.  Whose Highway Is It Anyway?! will use their $5,000 grant to help their “Don’t Drive Your Life Away” project, campaign and TV Show.  Lastly, Ross Towers Tenant Association will use their $2500 What If Mini Grant to purchase new Bingo equipment for residents.

Congratulations go out to 341 Midland Avenue Community Garden and Light of Syracuse on being the September recipients of “What If…” Mini Grants. The Community Garden is going to expand, adding more raised beds for the increase in gardeners! The Light of Syracuse, Inc. will be utilizing their funding to purchase some materials for their Senior Program, which will enable seniors to interact and participate in some fun activities!

Congratulations to the American Red Cross, Finger Lakes Land Trust,  On Point for College and Symphoria on receiving Community Grants from the Gifford Foundation in July! The American Red Cross will use their $15,000 towards their Community Resilience Strategy. The Finger Lakes Land Trust is using their grant of $10,000 to design a strategic communication and education plan.  On Point for College is going to use their $20,000 grant to upgrade their website and for marketing/branding.  Lastly, Symphoria will use their $12,000 grant to provide them with a consultant that will help them create a strategic plan.  Big projects happening in CNY!

Congratulations goes out to the Fun Day Community Group and the Building Theater Company on receiving Gifford What If Mini Grants in July!  The Fun Day Community Group  used their grant of $2,500 to help support a Fun Community Day for families and neighbors!  The event was a great success despite the rain!  The Building Theater Company will utilize their $3,000 grant for their Youth Theater Program! Both are great examples of community coming together!

MAY: Congratulations to Gifford’s Community Grant Recipients for the month of May: The YMCA of the Greater Tri Valley, Mercy Works, Inc.,  Hiscock Legal Aid Society and The Stand South Side Community Newspaper.  The Y will be utilizing their funding to implement a Digital Kiosk that will enable members and guests to check out all of the schedules and programs without having to sift through countless fliers.  Mercy Works, Inc. will use their grant for their over night retreat for the SYNERGY Program.  Hiscock Legal Aid Society is using their grant towards their technology upgrades, they are redesigning their website and getting a case management system.  The Stand South Side Community Newspaper Project is piloting a “Family Storytelling” project, to spotlight family life within the South and West Side neighborhoods of the City.

Congratulations to the Waizigua Community Organization of CNY and the Paid in F.U.L.L Financial Capabilities Campaign on receiving What If… mini grants from Gifford!  The Wazigua Community Organization of CNY was awarded $4,600 to be put towards their Afterschool Program for supplies, transportation and software.  The Paid in F.U.L.L Financial Capabilities Campaign received $1,500 to help with their goal to eliminate as many financial barriers as possible for program attendees through their coursework and workshop.

APRIL: Congratulations to April’s What If…mini grant recipients: The Strathmore Speaker Series, Lit for Life Family Literacy, and NIA Ministries.  The Strathmore Speaker Series received $2,500 to support the series which is taking place in the firebarn and will provide a platform for recognized local experts in the fields of literature, politics, history, the environment, science, philosophy, theology, the arts, and business.  Lit for Life Family Literacy received $2,900 to support their program events: Grandma’s Read, Men’s Read, and Zoo to You Reading Events; which are free, fun-filled non-school based reading and literacy events for children and their adult caregivers to provide information and experiences to caregivers on how to support school readiness and academic success.  The NIA Ministries received $3,600 to support the Express Yourself Program’s private overnight retreat at Christ the King Retreat Center.  The purpose of the retreat is to serve 15-20 women from various ethnic, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds that participate in the ‘Express’ Yourself Support Program and other programs that support women in transition throughout the City of Syracuse.

MARCH: Congratulations to Gifford’s Community Grant Recipients:The CHAT (Communication Hope through Assistive Technology) Club Program and The United Way for the Work Train Collaborative (WTC).  The CHAT Club received $6,105 to put towards training, socialization and support to individuals and families who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices. The program also works to inform the community on how to interact with community members who use AAC devices.  The United Way received a $25,000 grant for the Work Train Collaborative which is unique partnerships comprised of leaders from the philanthropic community, city and county government, educational institutions, business organizations, community based organizations and workforce agencies. WTC  will establish a platform for demand-based, employer-driven workforce programming, which will align and aggregate the resources of different partners. Can’t wait to see the impact that both projects will have!

Congratulations to Gifford’s March What If Recipients: The Somali-Bantu Refugees Community Association Inc. and Greening USA.  The Somali-Bantu Refugees Community Association Inc.’s grant of $1500 will go towards materials for their Community Tutoring Program. Greening USA will use their $2,000 grant for their one day self-guided walking tour of the Westcott neighborhood to educate participants about environmental, social and economic environmental issues and solutions, and showcase the sustainable features of the Westcott neighborhood.  Both great projects!

FEBRUARY: Congratulations to Syracuse Stage, Community Action Partnership for Madison County (CAP) Animal Welfare Groups in CNY on receiving Community grants from the Gifford Foundation in the month of February!  Syracuse Stage will use their $10,000 grant to work with a consultant to create a strategic plan.   CAP will use their $14,280 grant for their Volunteer Service Alliance Program that is designed to increase the capacity of organizations through the effective use of volunteers.  Lastly, Gifford allocated up to $13,000  to support a Volunteer Capacity Building Program specific to Animal Welfare Organizations that includes consulting support and training.

Congratulations to the Northside Zumba!  They received a What If….Mini Grant from the Gifford Foundation in the amount of $5,000.  Their grant will be put towards the space, instructor, some healthy snacks and other items to get the program going! They are hoping to provide an opportunity for women and girls to gather in a positive, non-competitive, healthy, and fun environment for exercise and socialization!

JANUARY: Congratulations to Enable/TLS (Transitional Living Services) as well as Cathedral Academy at Pompei!!  Both organizations received Community grants from Gifford in the month of January. Enable/TLS will use their $20,000 grant to support the technological aspect of their merger!  Cathedral Academy will utilize their $5,000 grant to help implement the Math & Movement Program throughout their school!

Congratulations to Gifford’s January ‘What If…’mini grant recipients! Salt of the Earth and Syracuse Area Drama Ensemble.  Salt of the Earth will be utilizing the $4,950 to support a Women’s Writing Workshop.  Syracuse Area Drama Ensemble will utilize their funding ($4,110) to help produce their SCARS Series!

Congratulations to the December recipients of Gifford Grants! Fair Housing of CNY received a $10,000 grant to hire a consultant to help with a new database management system.  The Oneida Community Mansion House received $8,000 to hire a consultant to complete a business plan.  The YMCA Arts Branch received a $10,000 grant to hire a consultant to help with a Lifecycles self-assessment and develop a business plan.  The Westcott Community Center received $15,000 to upgrade their technology in their computer lab. The Building Men program received $10,000 to support the program being implemented at six mid level and two high schools.  The Joan Hillsman Music Network received a $3,000 grant to put towards the Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning program. Exciting projects happening!

Congratulations to Gifford’s October Community Grants recipients, CACDA (Cazenovia Area Community Development Association), and The Rosamond Gifford Zoo.  CACDA was awarded $7600 to be put towards their Signature Project of the year for a couple Kiosks that will help increase visibility of their extensive trail system.  The Rosamond Gifford Zoo received $20,000 grant to be put towards their strategic plan!  Both great projects!

Congratulations to Gifford’s October What if Mini grant recipient, Biddy Basketball!  They will be using their $4,000 grant for their youth basketball initiative to teach attributes such as sportsmanship, discipline, cooperation, competition, self-confidence and teamwork.

Congratulations to Gifford’s September Community Grant Recipients: MAMI (Multicultural Association of Medical Interpreters of CNY)and Child Care Solutions Inc.! MAMI was awarded $5,000 as part of a matching grant with the Allyn Foundation to be put towards Phase II of their Strategic Plan.  Child Care Solutions was awarded $16,350 for technological upgrades!

Also Congratulations to St. Luke Health Services on receiving a Fast Track Grant from Gifford in the month of September.  St. Luke will use their $4,500 grant for advanced staff training on “best practices” when caring for individuals with dementia related illnesses.

Congratulations to The Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company and The Somali Bantu Community Association of Onondaga County on being the September recipients of Gifford’s What If….mini grants!  The Paul Robeson Performing Arts Co. was awarded $5,000 to be put towards three productions surrounding issues specific to the Syracuse Community around social theorizing and critique of the human condition. The Somali Bantu Community Association of Onondaga County was awarded $4,000 for their computerized GED preparation courses for high school dropouts and adults.

Congratulations to Gifford’s Community Grant recipients for the month of July: Catholic Charities of Onondaga County and The Everson Museum! Catholic Charities will be utilizing their grant of $15,000 for furnishings for their new facility on S. Clinton Street!  The Everson will be utilizing their $15,000 grant for their Art of Video Games exhibition.

Congratulations to Team R.O.C.K., The Toomey Abbott Resident Organization and The Westside Youth Advisory Council on their What If… mini grants from Gifford in July!  Team R.O.C.K. was awarded a grant of $5,000, for their participants and mentors to experience culture and history in New York City!  The Toomey Abbott Resident Organization will use their grant of up to $5,000 for their Oasis Garden Project.  Lastly, the Westside Youth Advisory Council will put their grant of $2500 for their Summer Job Leadership Program.

Congratulations to Gifford’s June Community Grant recipients, Clear Path for Veterans, CancerConnects and The Boys and Girls Club. Clear Path for Veterans received a community grant to help renovate their kitchen and add some upgrades!  CancerConnects will use their grant for mentor training and a special training day with Dr. Maria Sirois.  The Boys and Girls Club will utilize their grant to enhance and upgrade their Teen Room!  All great projects!

A big Congratulations from Gifford goes out to 338 Gifford Street, and the Reducing Teen Violence Initiative for being the June recipients of What If… mini grants!  338 Gifford Street will utilize their grant for new bingo equipment.  With the $1,000 grant, the resident association will be able to purchase new bingo cards, a new brass cage, bingo balls, a permit and many other games (such as Domino sets, scrabble and monopoly).  Reducing Teen Violence was awarded $3,700 to be put towards producing a mural showing community pride and unity.  It will be connected to the mural that already exists on the parking lot wall at La Liga!  In addition they are going to host their first Achievement and Recognition Event.  These are both great projects that are strengthening their communities!

Congratulations to the Gifford Foundation’s May What if… grantee: Northside Karate in the amount of $5,000 . The grant will provide the youth with the equipment needed to move to the next level in karate.

Congratulations to the Gifford Foundation’s April Grantees: High Octane Youth Basketball, Women Transcending Boundaries and The Syracuse Poster Project, and Red House!

Red House was awarded a community grant for $5,000 to upgrade their current box office and database system to a new one called Patron Manager. This will enable Red House to share information with other theatres for cross marketing efforts, contacts, automatic emails, contact notes, and membership information.

High Octane Youth Basketball received a What If… Mini Grant for $4,500 to enhance their “Books and Balls” program. The purpose of this program is to offer a tutoring program in conjunction with ongoing basketball leagues. They will meet 2-3 weeknights per week and one day during the week-end. All participants will be required to attend tutoring sessions in order to participate in basketball practice. They will be utilizing the grant to purchase some new basketballs, trophies, school supplies and snacks for the program.

Women Transcending Boundaries received What If… Mini Grant for $4,200 to be put towards their “Journey to the Tent of Abraham: The Second Step” event. This journey will consist of a 1.7 mile walk to visit eight local faith-based sites. At each site, greeters will invite people to come inside to learn more about its faith traditions, local history, and religious practices and experience a characteristic ritual or celebration. The walk is meant to bring together people from different religions, cultures, philosophies and walks-of-life for an event that is fun, informative and uplifting.

Syracuse Poster Project was awarded $4,000 to help start their Civic Art Initiative pilot program. The program involves displaying their posters within local businesses, community centers,libraries, places of worship, barber shops and beauty salons. Rather than hanging the posters themselves, they would like to engage youth in the community by training them how to hang posters. These youth are considered outreach workers.Their job will be to visit different venues, explain the poster opportunity,provide written materials regarding the initiative and gage the owner’s interest. If the own agrees to display a poster the outreach worker will be responsible for returning and hanging the poster.

Congratulations to Syracuse Stage, Home Aides of CNY and the Food Bank of CNY on being the recent recipients of Gifford Foundation’s Grants for receiving grants in the month of February.

Syracuse Stage received a grant of $10,000 dollars for their Voucher Program.  The Voucher program assists Stage in building and strengthening relationships with local community organizations, as well as establishing inroads with groups they have not had the opportunity to reach out to in the past. Through the voucher program, groups who may not normally have the means to attend live theatre may do so.

Home Aides of Central New York received a $10,000 grant to help implement a caregiver support program based on the evidence-based REACH (Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health) program. REACH is an in-home, tailored, caregiver support intervention. The objectives of the program are to improve overall caregiver health and depression, reduce feelings of burden from caregiving, improve caregiver management of troubling behaviors of the care recipient, and delay institutionalization.  The funds will assist Home Aides market to 50 isolated caregivers.

The Food Bank of Central New York received a grant in the amount of $15,000 to be put towards board development and strategic planning.The Food Bank will utilize the consulting services from a trained consultant to focus on board development. They will receive additional board education and training to effectively have an engaged board.

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  • Gifford Foundation on TwitterLast night we kicked off another Nourishing Tomorrow's Leaders cohort. As always, a huge thank you to our partners… link
  • Gifford Foundation on TwitterOur POWER 3 groups are learning the ins and outs of board governance today. Roles & responsibilities, creating a di… link
  • Gifford Foundation on TwitterA huge congratulations to our own Sheena Solomon for being awarded the InterFaith Works Racial Justice Catalyst awa… link
  • Gifford Foundation on TwitterWant to join the Gifford team? We're hiring! Details on the Program Administrator position and information on how… link