The Kathy Goldfarb-Findling Leadership Award

NOTICE:  due to a web glitch and the Memorial Day Holiday we are extending the deadline to end of day on Friday, June 3, 2016.

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Kathy Goldfarb-Findling Leadership Award. Please submit nominations through our website form. Deadline is now June 3, 2016. The honoree will be named November 3, 2016.

To learn more about Ms. Kathy Goldfarb-Findling, please view this short video.

Previous winners of “The Kathy” are Michael Melara of Catholic Charities, Mary Ellen Clausen of Ophelia’s Place, Mary Beth Frey of the Samaritan Center, Randi Bregman of Vera House, Kerry Quaglia of Home HeadQuarters and Sharon Owens of Southwest Community Center.

Five of these six honorees recently gathered to talk about Kathy, the award’s effect, and leadership in general. >>learn more.

The Kathy Award

“The Kathy” is short for the Kathy Goldfarb-Findling Leadership Award, jointly sponsored by the Gifford and Allyn Foundations. It is named for the Gifford Foundation’s late executive director who also served as the Allyn Foundation’s director of strategic services. It is awarded periodically to a Central New York (Onondaga, Oswego, Madison and Cayuga counties) not-for-profit professional who best exemplifies Ms. Goldfarb-Findling’s approach to leadership: 

·        to be nimble and creative;

·        to encourage lifelong learning;

·        to embrace leaps of faith and not fear failure;

·        to work “with” not do “for;”

·        to fully engage in collaborative approaches and

·        to at all times believe passionately in the power of change and personal growth.

In addition to recognizing and publicly honoring vital nonprofit leaders who are truly unique, a monetary award will be available for the personal use of the recipient. The only restriction is that the honoree may not re-direct the cash to his or her organization.

The selection process

Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee comprised of Gifford and Allyn Foundation representatives and previous awardees. Nominees do not need to be CEOs or executive directors – the leadership qualities are of paramount importance.

The selection criteria

We believe that “The Kathy” award is unique in that it celebrates leadership qualities that go beyond degrees, awards, connections and accomplishments of either a personal or professional nature. It is the quality of the personal interactions, and the openness to change and creative progress, that is most important to the selection committee. This document explains the criteria in more detail.

To submit a nomination please click here.



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