Oneida Community Mansion House

A grant of $13,730 provided OCMH with computers, a color printer and video screening equipment. Now their data is safe and staff time is used more efficiently. Learn More »

Madison County has many fascinating heritage locations, and none more so than the Oneida Community Mansion House, the site of one of the most radical and successful social experiments of the 19th century. A Utopian community, the Oneida Community had at its peak over 300 people living in the 93,000 square feet house. In the present time, like many non-profits, their computer systems and software became outdated, not only slowing their day to day activities but keeping them from effectively using donor software and safely storing data.

A grant from the Foundation of $13,730 provided OCMH with new equipment ranging from computers to a new color printer, and also included equipment to enable presentation of films. The direct outcomes are straightforward: daily backups and networked solutions have resulted in greater security of data and better communication of staff, and enabled more centrally located offices. In addition in-house marketing materials are now possible through the color, laser printer.  But the subsidiary benefits are strong. The executive director, who previously had to solve many of the IT problems and had little time for resource development, now can make more efficient use of her time and the information that is now readily available.

An additional benefit of the screening equipment was more involvement for board members, some of whom are not local and now can participate electronically. The new equipment was needed and gladly given by the Foundation, but it is these extra benefits in which the Foundation is most interested – how one small grant can lead to so many additional and sometimes unexpected rewards.

Learn more about the Oneida Community Mansion House through their website


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